Setup WordPress Using WebPlatform for Windows

1-    Go to website and click on install WordPress as in figure (1.0)

Figure (1.0)

2- Web Platform will open after click install to guide you throw setup steps as in figure (1.1)

Figure (1.1)

3- Web platform will ask you to download MySql on your machine or as a remote server as figure (1.2)
Figure (1.2)

4- Accept to download third party , application and components and Microsoft software to continue MySql install as figure(1.3)

Figure (1.3)

5- Next enter password for your database as in figure (1.4)

Figure (1.4)

6- Install MySql will start progress as  in figure (1.5)

Figure (1.5)


7- Next create new database or use existing one,note that database password can’t be empty as  in figure(1.6)


8- last step after downloading will congratulate you about download WordPress MySql and other products as in figure (1.7)

Figure (1.7)

9- Now you should have the Microsoft WebMatrix on your machine ready to use,open it and click on My Sites as  in figure (1.8)

Figure (1.8)

10- After click on My Sites click on WordPress and then OK button, will open a new window from there click on run you will find it at the top of your screen as  in figure(1.9)


11- Now WordPress will  Guide you through your Personal platform information(This Step will open on your browser as web page),Note that the Site Title field will be your blog name, After finish filling your information click on install WordPress button as  in figure(2.0)


12- Now you should see the success step and it’s ready to Login as  in figure(2.1)


13-  After Login it will guide you through your dashboard page, From there click on New then post to start your first blog post as  in figure(2.2)


14- In the add new post page there are many options helps you to start your first post, there is a field to write your post title and under it you can find an Upload/Insert link to help you insert audio or video on your post, on the right you can see three important buttons(save Draft.Preview and Publish) save Draft help you to save your post without publishing for all users online so you back edit or change it, preview help you to see your blog before publish, then if you click publish that means that your blog will be seen online for every one as in figure(2.3)


15- Now you can go to All Posts in you dashboard menu and you will find the posts you save to drafts or publish with info about its date and last modified if draft as  in figure(2.4)


This setup steps done using the following:

* Windows 7 Ultimate
* WordPress 3.3.1
* Web Platform 7.1.1070.1
* WebMatrix 7.1.1073.1