nopcommerce: How to get Role Name from applied discount coupon?

– Create a discount from the cms admin

– Add  a requirement for that discount and select “Must be assigned to customer role” and choose a role.

The next steps can be done anywhere in the website, I will use the CommonController to show the role name inside the website header beside the user email

–  Go to CommonController  and inside the HeaderLinks method add these lines:

So the method will look like this


– You will need to declare the _discountService, so declare it in the Fields region

and then initialize it in the controller constructor:

– Add DiscountRoleName property inside the HeaderLinksModel

– Inside the HeaderLinks view, inside the IsAuthinticated check, add this:

– Login to the store and apply a coupon code you just created, you will see the role name of this applied discount coupon in the header. 

Large file upload –

Uploading large files in ASP.Net or MVC is a little confusing for some of us.

I faced this confusing issue more than a year ago and solved it by the help of some articles online, but recently I faced the same issue I faced 1 year ago, and totally forgot how to fix it.

So I wanted to list here the URL which solved all my issues a year ago, and solved it recently as well:

Telerik Uploading Large Files , This article contain everything which helps to edit the web.config and IIS to make uploading large files a nice task.

To know more about these properties you will edit in the web.config, I recommend to take a look at this msdn page