Google Introducing Page Speed firebug add-on

Google anounced today on their blog that they introduce to developers an enterly tool, google developer were using on google websites to test its speed.

The new tool is an Add-on to FireBug, and sure on just Firefox.

From the first look we can say its a tool the same as YSlow from Yahoo.

More details about the tool there:

And Download here


ORM tools “.Net”


  1. ADO.NET Entity Framework, Microsoft’s ORM (released with .NET 3.5 SP1)
  2. Base One Foundation Component Library, free or commercial
  3. BCSEi ORM Code Generator, free or commercial
  4. Business Logic Toolkit for .NET, open source
  5. Castle ActiveRecord, ActiveRecord for .NET, open source
  6. DataObjects.Net v4.0, open source, commercial
  7. DevForce, commercial, N-Tier
  8. Developer Express, eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO)
  9. EntitySpaces, commercial
  10. Euss, open source
  11. Habanero, Free open source
  12. iBATIS, Free open source
  13. Invist,free ORM and code generation tool
  14. LLBLGen, open source drivers, commercial
  15. LightSpeed, free or commercial
  16. Neo, open source
  17. NConstruct, commercial
  18. NHibernate, open source
  19. Opf3, free and commercial
  20. ObjectMapper .NET, GPL and commercial license
  21. OpenAccess, free or commercial
  22. TierDeveloper, free ORM and code generation tool
  23. Persistor.NET, free or commercial
  24. Quick Objects, free or commercial
  25. Sooda, open source; BSD license
  26. Subsonic, open source
  27. Orasis, free trial or buy.
  28. Telerik, express or buy.
  29. CSLA.NET, free.
  30. ECO, free or commercial
  31. nhydrate, open source

  32. .netTiers, open source
  33. dapper-dot-net, open source
  34. codesmithtools plinqo, open source

Developers/Job Seekers, did you consider Stackoverflow?


No one can deny that Stack Overflow become now the biggest programming Q&A website.
Also you can consider Stack Overflow as a wiki, blog, forum and digg/reddit in the same place.

Without entering the subject of why its too famous like this or how it grew too fast like this and our main point about jobs.

We need to talk first about some small facts: “in the time of sending this post”
– Very easy user interface and very logical navigation model.

– Interesting voting-badges-points system.

– More than 66,700 user “developer”.

– Over 3.7 million unique visitors a month.

– Over 180,000 active questions, with millions of answers, comments and votes.

–  Also you can ask and get very fast answers, find interesting, challenge questions, programming top news, tools, issue, …..


After all of that i think Stack overflow is one of the best places for developers looking for a new job or companies looking for good developers.


For Companies:

Using Stack overflow, you can filter developers by tags, questions and answers and see in deep details about the developer you want to hire.

You can see the developer real technical level, by monitoring his answers, how good it is, how much he like to help others, what about questions he ask, and what are the parts he is proficient and which he is not very well.


“For example, I’ve always hated traditional resumes, which just don’t give the right kind of information about a candidate. If you wanted to hire an iPhone developer, would you rather know that person’s Stack Overflow stats in the iPhone tag and read their answers to technical questions? Or would you rather know where they went to college?”

  • Companies can check users page and sort users by reputation, newest, oldest or name. 
  • Also can go to tags page and filter questions by tags you are looking for.
  • Or you can take a look at all questions and see how things are going
  • And finally can go to the user profile page and check questions he asked, answered, added to his favorites list or voted.
  • And as i just got from Stack overflow team, that they are building something to contact the developer directly, and will launch after 6-8 weeks, but i have no more details about how this will look like.

User Profile


For Developers:

You can practice on real life problems others face, problems which others face while working in their companies, personal project or while learning new stuff.

That means that using Stack overflow you can connect very easy with all developers all over the world very easy and see what they see day by day.

You can:

  • Ask a question

Ask Question

  • Answer a question


  •   Read and follow others questions

all questions
– Check daily jobs
Current job

All Jobs

  •   Get Stack overflow user flair on your website or resume


If you are not a developer and you are system administrator or IT professional you can check